Episode 3: Chelsey Wilson – CounselorChelsey

In episode 3 of TpT Talk I interview Chelsey Wilson, a counselor and TpT seller who has perfected a way to use her cover art for brand recognition. In this episode, Chelsey shares several online resources she uses to create her products and market her store. Chelsey was instrumental in guiding me in the beginning of my Teachers Pay Teachers journey and she shares some of these helpful and applicable tips!

Show Notes & Links

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06/06/17 Episode 3: Chelsey Wilson – CounselorChelsey

Small PDF (Chelsey uses Small PDF when her PDFs are too big to upload for a product preview)

Bitly (Chelsey uses Bitly to shrink her hyperlinks)

Easy Hyperlinks (Chelsey uses Easy Hyperlinks to add hyperlinks to her product descriptions)

Tailwind (Chelsey shared how Tailwind helps her schedule her product pins on Pinterest)

Confident Counselors Newsletter (Chelsey shared this newsletter as a great resource for school counselors)

Forums (The TpT Forums are a great resource for sellers)


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