139. Getting back to school ready with Shelly Rees

In this episode, Shelly Rees shares strategies for sellers to get back to school ready! We discuss everything from improving product titles and descriptions to growing an email list. 

Shelly Rees has over 22 years of experience teaching students in the upper elementary grades. She has a love for learning and believes in providing instruction that is hands-on, fun, and engaging. Shelly is passionate about helping other teachers by creating and providing educational resources that will help reduce their stress-load and deliver great academic results.

Additionally, Shelly has worked with and mentored many other TPT sellers. For the past 7 years, she has been able to reach and help hundreds of teacherpreneurs through her course, Focused Success for Teacherpreneurs. Shelly finds great joy in helping teachers and colleagues improve their product creation practices and reach their financial goals.

She is also a mom of 4 boys, and now lives in rural Wyoming with her husband, Aric. In her free time, she enjoys cookie decorating, camping, and riding in her side by side in the mountains.

I first interviewed Shelly wayyy back in 2017. Listen to the episode here.

Resources Mentioned:

Back to School Ready Workshop 

Focused Success Course 

Teacherpreneur School 

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TpT Seller Success Facebook Group

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