141. Why You Should Fail with Farrah Henley

In this episode, Farrah Henley shares valuable tips and strategies for growing your business. She shares how one crazy successful Facebook ad changed her business mindset. She also discusses failure and offers a fresh perspective on how it can be a catalyst for growth and success.

Farrah is a 12+ year veteran teacher business owner who has grown her business from a side-hustle that paid for extra school supplies to an educational company that now serves tens of thousands of teachers across the world and supports a team of 15 teachers, former teachers, and stay at home moms. In addition to being a full time CEO of Farrah Henley Education, she now shares her expertise and knowledge from her own journey to help other teacher business owners step into their own roles as CEO and live the life they have dreamed of. She shares her no-nonsense approach to operating a 7 figure business through her coaching programs which include small group coaching, masterminds, and 1:1 coaching. You can find out more at farrahhenleycoaching.com.

I interviewed Farrah way back in 2018. Listen to the episode here.

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